XVIII Baltic Actuarial Summer Days 2018 (updated)

Lithuanian Actuarial Society would like to invite all Baltic actuaries and their family members to XVIII Baltic Actuarial Summer Days that will take place on 24-26 August. The event will be held at Villa Karališkis, Antaplaštakio k., Kurklių sen., Anyksčių raj. More information can be found in the invitation.

Update 22.08.2018
Actuarial summer days are approaching very fast and we have some additional information to share with you:

Despite of the canoeing activity we will have many other leisure activities including sauna, hot tube, outside sports and games, supping, trampoline for your kids and etc., hence we kindly ask you:

  • seriously take care of yourself and your children safety during the event! Organising committee will not take responsibility for the safety of your children and at arrival you will be asked to sign for safety but also for allowing making photos during the event.
  • take comfortable/proper clothes and protection in case of rain and more importantly a good mood with you 🙂

Update 28.08.2018
Actuarial competence outside insurance industry
Actuary vs Artificial Intelligence

Photos from the event